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What students should know about transferring

Gloria Rivera, Staff Writer

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Graduation is less than 2 months away and while some students will be entering the job field, others will be continuing their studies at another university.

For students who want to continue their education, transferring to a 4-year institution is the next step.

Director of Student Pathways, Tammy Denney, said the first step is for students to decide on which university they want to transfer to.

“If they can find out as soon as possible which university they want to attend that makes the transferring process a little more streamline,” said Denney. “That way we can look up and see exactly what degree plan that particular university calls for, or if there are any degree specific requirements.”

She also explained that anytime a student transfers within the state of Texas to another public university; if the student is marked core complete with TVCC; then they are marked core complete at that university.

“The only time they can require that you take any other core classes is if there are classes specific to that program.”

Denney recommends to look at the requirements specific to a students major to make sure that they can get into their desired program.

Once a student knows where they want to attend Denney advises students to begin the transfer process as soon as they can, and to pay attention to priority processing deadlines.

Most universities will require an application for admissions, bacterial meningitis shot record for students under the age of 22, and official transcripts.

The last piece of advice Denney recommends is to meet with an advisor.

“So many students don’t realize the degree specific requirements when your transferring to a university, those can be different and sometimes the way it’s worded on a website its not always real clear.”

Before graduating she recommends meeting with an advisor from TVCC as well as an advisor from the university that the student will attend.

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What students should know about transferring