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Songs of the Week

Gloria Rivera, Staff Writer

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Songs of the Week presents three songs that encompass the week’s genre.  For the first edition this week presents the latest underrated pop songs.


Love Me Better by Love thy Brother feat. Ariel Beesley

The band Love thy brother consists of siblings Conor and Liam Clarke.

Love Me better is the duo’s debut single with vocals from model/vocalist Ariel Beesley.

The song is what you would expect for a pop anthem. It has the right melody and catchy tune, but it separates itself from the rest.


Same Old Blues by Phantogram

Josh Carter (vocals, guitars) and Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards) make up the band Phantogram.  Self defined as electro pop, the music duo describe their music as “street beat, psych pop”.

They released their third studio album Three in October 7, 2016. Same Old Blues is their latest single that incorporates the band’s upbeat tempo with attitude.


LA Love by Transviolet

Transviolet consists of Sarah McTaggert, Judah McCarthy, Michael Panek, and Jon Garcia.

The members describe themselves as small-town kids who moved to the West Coast.

The band only has one self titled album with four songs that they released in 2015.  Since then the band has released two singles; LA Love and Future.

The song is simple, it does not have any particular drops or beats, but there is something about it that is hard to forget.

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Songs of the Week