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Tennis at TVCC

Florentina Landaverde, Staff writer

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It would be nice if Trinity Valley Community College added other clubs and sports to the small list of activities in the Valley.

The majority of students don’t want the seriousness of college competition, but want other options and activities to do in their leisure time. I want to do something at TVCC besides homework and drinking Starbucks coffee.

Student life at TVCC doesn’t have a lot of options besides a few clubs and organizations.

Blake Williamson, Director of student engagement, said TVCC has about 16 clubs on campus. Some of the clubs and organizations include: rodeo, drama, band, science club and others.

TVCC also doesn’t offer all of the sports probably due to the fact that it’s a junior college, and they can’t afford it, or they don’t have enough students interested in other sports or clubs.

The sports offered at TVCC are football, basketball, volleyball, softball, and cheer.

In the article, “The Social Benefits of Intramural Sports” published in the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, the prime focus was the benefits of intramural sports and the effects it had on students. Results show that intramural sports helped students by making them participate more in their college, by helping with their physical fitness, and by lowering the chances of students getting into trouble on the weekends.

Celeste Villegas, a sophomore at Sam Houston State University played on an intramural soccer team for one semester.

“I got to play with other people who were all-stars in their league, she said. You end up making friends with the people you play with, and it even helps you stay in shape.”

In my opinion, TVCC needs to have a form of communication or advertisement for students. Students don’t know all of the clubs they have to offer or the possibility of starting a new club, or how to get into a new club.

For example I didn’t know TVCC had a rodeo club. Where do I sign up?

These clubs need to advertise and pull students into their organizations. And make students want to be involved in these organizations. To be honest, students don’t even know where to go for club meetings, because they don’t have time to swing by the student life office and grab a pamphlet.

Williamson said that any student can start a club. All you need is seven students interested in joining, and you begin the process of learning how to run a club.

“Students create clubs… We do want more student engagement.”

I want a tennis club. Since TVCC probably won’t ever make it an “official” sport, can I at least hang out and hit a few balls with people who like the sport as much as me, or will TVCC just be a place where I’ll go to class and then back home…?

According to Community College Review, balancing the time commitments to both college and clubs prepares students for demands with their future careers, families and other duties.

“In addition to helping foster practical skills such as time management, leadership and responsibility, extracurricular activities allow students to ‘test the waters’ and explore new areas of interest.”

So back to my main priority. If you’re tired of TVCC just being a place where you get your basics done, and you want to do something worthwhile like playing tennis, hit me up. Pun totally intended.

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Tennis at TVCC