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Golf Club at TVCC

Gloria Rivera

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Students at Trinity Valley Community College now have the opportunity to play golf as a club sport.

After both students and staff expressed an interest in introducing a golf club for the college; it is now formerly a club sport and has nine current members.

“We started learning more about it and then we learned about the National College Club Golf Association; an official structured organization throughout the United States, and there is a region here in Texas, and that’s what were part of.” Said Dr. Jay Kinzer Vice president of Student services.

The students practice at the Athens Country Club. They have a structured practice every other Tuesday but most usually get together and practice on their own.

The team also gets together off the golf course. There are also monthly meetings to discuss golf and how someone can benefit from the sport.

“[Students] learn more about golf, learn more about life and learn more about how they can utilize golf throughout their life and be used as tool,” Said Kinzer. “A lot of business is done at a golf course a lot of networking happens at a country club, you meet a lot of people.”

Through the club, students are learning to be courteous and acquire the proper etiquette that is also attached to the sport as well as be able to continue playing the sport in college.

“[We want to] provide an opportunity for students to connect and get engaged and have a good time,” said Blake Williamson Director of Student Engagement.

The requirements to join the golf club are that; the student must be enrolled full time at TVCC, they must provide their own equipment, and they must have knowledge about the game and played it in the past.

If any student is interested in joining the club, contact Dr. Jay Kinzer or Blake Williamson.

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Golf Club at TVCC