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"May the odds be ever in your favor." "Hungar Games" is RTTV's book this year.

"May the odds be ever in your favor." "Hungar Games" is RTTV's book this year.

Julie Pearl, Staff Writer

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This year’s Reading Through the Valley book is the “Hunger Games.”

This is the third year for the RTTV book club. The first year, the club read “1 Dead in the Attic” by Charlie Rose, and last year, Tim Dent’s “Twelve Mighty Orphans” was the club’s book of choice.

“The reason for choosing ‘Hunger Games’ was to get more students involved in reading,” said Lisa Collins, a speech instructor at TVCC and leader of the Electronic District.

The book series has become mainstream, taking the place of the “Twilight” series.

For those of you who have been under a rock for the last year, the story is about a powerful Capitol that has 12 districts, struggling to survive under the Capitol’s “bleak rule.”

In the book, Katniss Everdeen quietly makes a path of survival for herself, her younger sister and their widowed mother under the Capitol’s strict rule.

Every year, the Capitol hosts the Hunger Games where one girl and one boy from each boy of the 12 districts compete for resources and food for their districts.

The game is nationally televised where it shows 24 children who were selected to fight to the death.

Similar to the book, TVCC students will compete in their own version of the hunger games, but not to the death, of course.

The grand prize winner wins a kindle fire and an amazon card.

The runner-up wins a kindle fire.

The teams will be divided into 11 districts with a faculty or staff  member serving as a district leader.  So far, 70 students have sign- up to join, Collins said.

“You only have to read the first book of the ‘Hunger Games’ series to join,” Collins said.

The districts are as follows: Luxury/ Sue Lynn Trent; Masonry / Cortney Curran; Electronic/ Lisa Collins; Fishing/Karla Bryan; Transportation/Marianne Leeper; Lumber/ Blake Williamson; Textiles/ Patsy Ingram; Livestock/ Amy Rogers; Coal Mining/ Kelly Driskell; Grain/ Jan Jenning and Michael Felty; Agriculture/ Diane David

The teams were formed in mid- October, but there are still are a few spots open. “There was earlier anticipation this year,” said Dr. Marianne Leeper, who is leader of the Lumber district. “If you can’t participate in the fall you can participate in the spring.”

The first activity will be Field Day on October 31 where students from the different districts will dress-up and play games. The goal of the event is to get more students involved. Plus, the districts can earn points if they participate.

The group is also planning to see the sequel to the hunger games, “Catching Fire” next month.

Each district will be  responsible for doing community service and they can have book club discussions throughout the year.

Three speakers are schedule to discussion topics on historical, contemporary and psychological aspects of the book. The art department will be hosting their annual art show based on the book.

Student can earn points by participant in each scheduled event during the fall and spring semesters. And for those students who join a district in the spring, they will have to write an essay to get points.

The two highest point earners of each district will become the tribute. They will participate in the final hunger games, which will be a quiz show.

The losing district leader will have to make a home-cooked meal for the winning district leader.!/TVCCReadThroughTheVAlley

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