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Joshua Robertson
An African American boy who was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. A child who could never keep still and was always called a "busy body" by his family. Suddenly a tragedy happened in the year 2005 causing me to relocate to the state of Texas. That tragedy was called hurricane Katrina. It was such a devastating time for not just my family, but the entire city of New Orleans as a whole. It is still trying to recover now in the year 2016. When I arrived in Texas I originally stayed in the city of Houston. I was only there for a little while before relocating to Arlington, Texas. Once I got settled in, I was immediately enrolled into school. I attended Lynn Hale Elementary for a  year (in the third grade) but then I relocated to Bebensee Elementary where I completed my fourth through sixth grade years. Once I completed elementary and graduated sixth grade, (which was one of the biggest celebrations for me lol) I went on to continue my education and finished Jr. High at Ferguson Jr. High and then Juan Seguin High School. I graduated from high school in the year 2015 and have since then continued my education in college. I am currently a sophomore at Trinity Valley Community College and upon graduation will continue on to receive my bachelors in Journalism, and begin my career in this field. I will be pursuing a career as a Journalist and future publicist. To see more on me check out my blog!

Joshua Robertson, Writer

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