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courtesy of the NFL (@nfl on Instagram)

courtesy of the NFL (@nfl on Instagram)

courtesy of the NFL (@nfl on Instagram)

Offensive Threats of Super Bowl 51


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Super Bowl 51; the Atlanta Falcons versus the New England Patriots. This matchup of champions is no surprise. The regular season proved that with the Patriots (14-2) leading the AFC, and the Falcons (11-5) right behind the NFC leading Dallas Cowboys (13-3), Atlanta and New England had a good chance of going all. the. way. from the very beginning.

Atlanta has the upper hand when it comes to the offensive ranks; 2nd in yards and 1st in points for the season compared to New England trailing close behind at 4th in yards and 3rd in points. These two teams, overall, have some of the best offensive players of the NFL. But anything could happen on Super Bowl Sunday, so don’t let the statistics fool you!

—The Quarterbacks—


Matt Ryan

courtesy of Matt Ryan (@ryan_matt02 on Instagram)

For this season, Matt Ryan is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks of the NFL. Ryan leads the Falcons with an astonishing 4,944 yards passing for 38 touchdowns during the regular season. His postseason performance is even more impressive; 7 touchdowns with not a single interception. With a 117.1 passer rating, the Patriots’ defense better watch out, because Matt Ryan is coming in hot.


Tom Brady

courtesy of Tom Brady on Facebook

A 4-time Super Bowl Champion, 3-time Super Bowl MVP, 2-time NFL MVP, 12-time Pro Bowler, and a destined Hall-of-Famer, Tom Brady has an impressive resume. At 39-years-old, Brady has once again made it to the Super Bowl with 3,554 passing yards and 28 touchdowns for the season. Although he has thrown 2 interceptions in the postseason, this 16-year veteran has proven to be one of the greatest of all time.

—The Rushing Leaders—


Devonta Freeman

courtesy of Devonta Freeman (@v8_splashh on Instagram)

Don’t let his height fool you, the 5’8″ running back Devonta Freeman is a monster on the field. Averaging 67 yards per game, with 11 touchdowns and 1,079 yards rushing, you better believe that he’ll be a target when Matt Ryan’s arm needs a little rest. 


Tevin Coleman

courtesy of Tevin Coleman (teco_raww26)

The second half of the dynamic duo from Atlanta is Tevin Coleman. His rushing stats may not be as impressive as most, only clocking in 8 touchdowns for 520 yards, but what Coleman lacks in rushing, he makes up in receiving; adding another 3 TD’s to his stats. To have this kind of talent, along with Devonta Freeman, the Falcons have a solid offense.


LeGarrette Blount

courtesy of LeGarrette Blount (l_blount29 on Instagram)

The Patriots’ go-to for rushing is, without question, LeGarrette Blount. Blount has been the support for the Patriots’ run game for the past 3 years, this year being his career-best with 1,161 yards rushing, tallying 18 touchdowns for the season. He will be the icing on the cake for New England’s offense.


—The Recievers—


Julian Edelman

courtesy of Julian Edelman (@edelman11 on Instagram)

A solid, dependable reciever; Julian Edelman is at his best. Going on his 8th season, Edelman has been a target for Brady for quite some time. Racking in 98 catches for 1,106 yards and 3 touchdowns this season, Edelman may not always be a threat in the endzone, but averaging 11.3 yards per catch, he will eat you up with short passes for the first down throughout the game.


Martellus Bennett

courtesy of Martellus Bennett (@martellusb on Instagram)

Another New England receiver to give credit is, of course, Martellus Bennett. 55 catches, 701 yards, and 7 touchdowns for the season; not bad for his first season with the Patriots. This 6’6″, 275-pound receiver may look bulky, but his statistics don’t lie; he can score.


Julio Jones

courtesy of Julio Jones (@juliojones_11 on Instagram)

Last, but definitely not least, Julio Jones. 83 catches, 1,409 receiving yards, and 6 touchdowns. THE receiving threat of the Atlanta Falcons. Averaging 17 yards per catch, and 23 yards per catch in the 4th quarter, Jones has proven himself to be an asset until the game clock reads 0:00.

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