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Five Predictions for The Walking Dead 7B

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The first half of the seventh season of AMC’s The Walking Dead started off with a controversial bang, was met by lackluster enthusiasm as it progressed, and ended with a hopeful sense of redemption.

For every wordy Negan monologue, there was a tender interaction between new lovers Rick and Michonne. For every (theoretically) unexpected gory twist, there was a subtle nuanced performance from a cast member. Which such an unusually wide spectrum of action and slow-build, it is difficult to ascertain where the back half of the season might leave us.

Since Jefferey Dean Morgan has stated that he is contractually with The Walking Dead at least through season 8, and since far into TWD’s comic-timeline future Negan is indeed still alive, it is safe to assume that the season won’t end with a neat resolution or an end to the Negan arc.

So, what conclusion will the writers give us? It isn’t easy to make specific predictions based off of the comics books, since the tv show doesn’t attempt to stick with the books to the T. Based off of the tv narrative alone, here are five predictions that may, or may not come to fruition:


  1. Maggie will become the leader of Hilltop

Image result for maggie hilltop

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Rhee Gene Page/AMC

The setup for this was not subtle and likely wasn’t intended to be. Even before the Very Bad Thing happened, Maggie was being set up to be the diplomat in “Knots Untie” when she was appointed to negotiate with Gregory.

Immediately after the death of Glenn, Maggie was on a mission. She was the first to want to take action, and she hasn’t swayed since, showing how strong-willed she is.

During her time at the Hilltop, she took charge of the clean-up of Simon and the Savior’s “message” and gained support from the inhabitants of the Hilltop. So with Gregory’s clear incompetence and the support of the community, it is clear that Maggie could take over the leadership position.


  1. Mysterious Boot Person will be revealed

Twice a person with raggedy boots appeared in shadow during the show. Once, when Rick and Aaron left their supply run at the lake, and once again later, outside of the Alexandria walls.

This is a clear setup for the introduction of a new character who will likely have a large part in the oncoming conflict between the Rick and his allies and the Saviors.


  1. A main character will die

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode Photos

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams Gene Page/AMC

And signs point to Sasha, no matter how much she has become a fan favorite. From her first appearance to present, Sasha hasn’t been given much in the way of character development on her own. She was always reacting to life in relation to the men in her life; her brother Tyreese, her partner Bob, and then the blooming romance with Abraham. Each of which died.

Only recently were we able to see her semi on her own, as she went with Maggie to Hilltop after the Very Bad Thing happened. She has always been presented as expendable, so it seems possible that she will die during the “All Out War” arc, or make it out alive and take her place at the Hilltop alongside Maggie.

This could also be possible due to Sonequa Martin-Green being cast as lead in a new Star Trek series.

One is never enough on the Walking Dead, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if a twofer is pulled and Sasha isn’t the only one to go.


  1. The Oceanside group will make a reappearance

    Image result for oceanside the walking dead

    Gene Page/AMC

It seemed out of place when an entire episode was dedicated to introducing a new community of survivors during Tara and Heath’s two-week excursion. However, it would make sense if the group of armed women were to in some way make an appearance in the coming conflicts between Negan and Rick’s militia.

It would be a dynamic twist for the group of women to come into the game late and turn the tide.

If this isn’t the case and their appearance was a one-off, then that was a waste of air-time and a convenient placeholder for Heath and Tara’s whereabouts.


  1. A little less conversation, a little more action

    The Walking Dead Season 7 Episodic Photo

    Gene Page/AMC

While story development and character introductions are highly important and useful to narratives, it becomes deemed “slow” and “sluggish” as more and more similar episodes stack up.

In 7B it is likely that, now that we have been introduced to the new communities, Hilltop and The Kingdom, we will see more action from the communities’ inhabitants and the rallying of the forces to take down Negan and the Saviors, though the Saviors’ downfall likely won’t be any time soon.


Through the highs and lows, season seven has been a ride. Whether the ride will end in another cliffhanger or have a satisfying conclusion remains to be seen.


The Walking Dead midseason premiere will air on February 12, 2017 on AMC.

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Five Predictions for The Walking Dead 7B