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How to Identify Reliable News

Vince Tobin, Writer

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Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or somewhere in between, everyone should be aware that the information you are receiving should be from a good, trusted source.

The term “fake news” has spread like wildfire since the presidential race began. After headlines across the world ranging from the disgusting Donald Trump bus comments on women to Donna Brazille of CNN helping Hillary Clinton cheat in the debates, nobody knows where to go to hear the truth. Especially with our own President calling entire national news stations “fake news”.

Our world is overrun with information sources due to social media and the internet. So how are you supposed to know whether or not the news you see is unbiased and truthful? Here are some tips.

  1. Know the difference between editorials, news articles, commentators, and reporters.

An editorial is not the same as a news article. It is an article reflecting the certain opinion of the editor. Reporters and commentators are basically the same thing, but on television. Reporters and news articles are to be unbiased while editorials and commentators can be as crazy as the news stations allow them to be.

Big-time national news commentators (and yes, I said COMMENTATORS, not reporters) are paid substantially to reflect their biased opinions to the news channel’s liking.

Fox News, dominantly right. MSNBC, dominantly left. If you are getting your news from one of these channels alone and not opening yourselves up to other programs to have an objective view, what is the point of watching the news at all?

  1. Investigate the source.

If you see a headline shared on Facebook reading some crazy, off-the-wall story… INVESTIGATE before you believe that it is true. Read the article, research the writer, and research the news station. Fact check everything controversial.

Click-bait news is a huge industry that have made some moral-less people very wealthy at the expense of others intelligence. They know what people want to hear and they will put it out there for you, the reader, to see no matter how truthful it is.

  1. Watch local news.

Most local news reporters (and yes, I said REPORTERS, not commentators) are unbiased and are simply reporting the news. They will cover big national stories just as Fox or MSNBC would, but instead of hearing Greg Gutfeld or Chris Mathews give their own opinions, you just get the facts.


Time Magazine writer Zeke Miller stated that a Martin Luther King Jr. bust had been removed from the White House when Donald Trump was inaugurated as President.  – Fake News.

CNN’s Caroline Kenny reported that Nancy Sinatra complained when President Trump and the First Lady’s inaugural dance was to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”  – Fake News

Lastly, even the President himself has been a source for fake news. On March 7, 2017 President Trump tweeted, “122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!” Although 122 prisoners have been confirmed as re-engaged in terrorist activities, 113 of them were released under the Bush administration under former President George W. Bush.

However, this fact check was from Time magazine…is it reliable? You be the judge. You do the research.

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How to Identify Reliable News