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Student Letters to the Future President

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Trinity Valley Community College students, as well as the rest of the world, watched this political season unfold with great concern.

The recent election of Donald Trump has struck a nerve with the people of the community. TVCC News-Journal writers, all of which are students, have come together to write their own personal letters to the future president to be featured in this editorial.




Dear President-Elect Trump,

I’m writing this letter neither to praise, nor condemn you. You are now the leader of the free world. Now that you have been selected to lead our nation, I fully accept the outcome of the presidential election just as I would if Secretary Clinton would have won.

However, there are many who simply don’t accept the outcome of this election. There are people rioting in the streets, violently protesting, disrupting society, and burning the flag of our country in spite of your election. The simple fact is…millions of people do not want you as our president.

As our next leader, it will be your job to control this situation. The election of you, a fiscally conservative political outsider, is a monumental step in a different direction in comparison to our previous president.

I am a white, Christian millennial. Ultimately, I feel as though I am an outsider and a minority in comparison to my generation. This isn’t an exaggeration. This isn’t a pity-party for myself alone. This is the honest truth. America’s next generation is more radically liberal than any generation before and I hope that you represent people like me more so than President Obama did.

Nonetheless, President Obama is widely regarded as one of the most charismatic and likable Presidents in history. I believe that you should not only focus on your own vision of America, but also focus on the vision for those who voted against you in favor of another Obama-esque leader. In terms of favorability, you have a very long way to go.

If I could demand one specific goal for you as our next president, it wouldn’t be to ship out millions of illegal immigrant criminals, implement “extreme vetting” of Muslim refugees and immigrants, or even to defeat ISIS. It would be to put the “unite” back in United States.

The division in our country is stronger than ever, and throughout this campaign, I don’t believe you have done anything to help stitch this wound. I believe that in some cases, you have even made it worse.

As your Vice President-elect Mike Pence has said, you are not a polished politician. But in order to win over the citizens of America and unite this country around you, its future leader, you need to become one.

You need to address all the problems in our country without giving bias or extra attention towards a specific demographic. You need to prove to the people who are calling you a racist, a sexist, and a bigot that they are wrong by implementing policies that help them just as much as anyone else.

I truly hope your message to “Make America Great Again” wasn’t just a campaign slogan. I did not vote for you in the primary election, but I did vote for you in the general election because I am putting my faith in you to help make this country different than what it is now.

I believe that through all the negative media coverage and controversial things that you have said throughout your campaign, you want to make this country a better place for everyone. I just pray that you keep your promise to us.



Mr. Trump,

I can sum up my feelings in one word; disappointed. In no version of reality should you be the leader of an entire nation, and you in no way represent the diversity of the American people. Although, considering the amount of popular votes you did receive, it is clear that a specific subset of people definitely identified with your hateful rhetoric.

It is troubling that such a vast amount of the U.S. population took what you said and ran with it. I have never been under the impression that all people are inherently good, but the fact that you got up on a grand, global stage, spewed your choice words, and then still received such wide support really blows my mind.

The events of your campaigning and ultimate election emboldened like-minded people and made them feels as though, since their “leader” says/does what he wants and receives no consequences, they won’t either; hence, all of the hates crimes since even before Election Day.

I wish I could say that I will remain optimistic and see how the next four years pan out, but truth be told, I have no faith in you in any capacity. I mean, at 70 years old, I highly doubt that you are going to evolve much. And in my eyes, you stand no chance of redemption.

I do, however, have faith in others like me, in people who actually have something to lose due this election, and in the people who will continue to fight, thrive, and live out of pure spite.

America is a vast mixture of types of people, and none of them are mutually exclusive. Minorities, LGBTQ+, women (i.e. all of the people that you or your VP denounce) are America.

Hillary Clinton’s loss was also a wide portion of America’s loss, but don’t get complacent in your “victory.” One inexperienced, fear-mongering being isn’t enough to break down a nation.



Dear Mr. “President Elect”

How did you manage to pull the sickest inappropriate joke of 2016? Why would you of all people run for president? What makes you think you’re qualified to run this great nation?

The United States of America is considered one of the top countries. A country that is looked to for help, and country that all other countries aspire to be like. We have now become the laughingstock of a sick joke and that’s thanks to you.

You always say how much you care and love this country. And yet, if you truly cared about this country, you would let someone more qualified and experienced to run it. These next four years are not a reality show. Please remember that.

Also, women, and only women, can determine what they should do with their bodies. You are no one to decide what they can and can’t do with their bodies. You can’t deny basic rights to humans.

I know it must be hard for you to understand this but I’ll try my best: not all Mexicans are rapist, and not all Muslims are terrorists. You can’t group people like that. It’s downright archaic.

Listen, if you plan on being a good president and making “America Great Again” then I suggest you begin by becoming a better person, because honestly, you suck. That’s the nicest way I can phrase it.

I really hope you take the next four years very seriously, because this country is depending on it. I think our definition of “great” is a tad bit different. For me a “great” country is not filled with racism, sexism, and xenophobia. A great country is a country that has a variety of cultures that are accepted and embraced, equal right for women, people of color, sexual preference, and a country that is wanting to progress towards a brighter future.


A proud Mexican female



Dear Mr. Trump,

I sure hope that since election season has ended you can cool down with some of your comments. I hold a firm belief that what you said in the past can be left in the past. Whatever yours and Rosie O’Donnell’s relationship is can be left behind.

I hope that you can surround yourself with good influences and that your cabinet is not an echo chamber. I hope they challenge you to be a stronger man and a better leader. This melting pot known as the United States is now yours to stir. Use your ladle wisely as you calmly stir the pot. Learn to love everyone else a little more.

It’s only together that we can work through our differences. That being said, stand strong on your policies. Listen to advice. Be a good leader.



A small part of the melting pot


Dear President-elect Trump,


Congratulations you have won. You are going to be president. Another addition to your wonderful list of accolades.

I would just like to tell you a few things as you prepare for office. The first thing is to start taking ownership of your mistakes. Do not blame others for something that was said or done in your name. You will soon be the leader of the free world. At least acknowledge when there is a problem. The second thing is that it is important to be consistent and strategic. Being impulsive and fickle will not help the country move forward or succeed.


Dear President Donald Trump,


I want to start off by congratulating you on winning the 2016 presidential election. That being said, I think it’s awful that you won and your running mate Hillary Clinton should’ve won.

You are nothing but a disgrace to America and to people in general. You have no background in politics, considering you went to school for economics. I don’t understand how people can support someone who does nothing but belittle and undermine other people. You’re suppose to be president and have people look up to you. That’s not the case.

You have no sense of thought or intelligence. You should record yourself talking and then listen to it; maybe you can figure it out for yourself.

Use this for example. This is a quote from the presidential election: “Well, I have much better judgement than she does. There’s no question about that. I also have a much better temperament than she does ya know?… I have a much better relationship-she spent-let me tell you-she spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising- you know they get Madison Avenue into a big room, they put names- oh, temperament, let’s go after- I think my strongest asset, maybe by far is my temperament. I know how to win. She does not have a wait… The AFL-CLO the other day, behind the blue screen, I don’t know who you were talking to secretary Clinton , but you were totally out of control. I said there’s a person with a temperament that’s got a problem.”

I’m just going to stop here. Maybe you can explain what the hell was just said, because I have no idea.


Dear Donald Trump,


I genuinely want you to succeed. I think it’d be silly not to because, well, you are my president for at least the next four years.  And since I’m only a sophomore in college, I’m not leaving this country for at least two.

I don’t wish any ill will on you. Sure, I wish the outcome of the election was different, because I personally hold really liberal views on most things. But we’ve survived several Republican presidents up until now, and I’m sure this will be no different.

I hope the bills you pass and the new things you instill in this country have a positive connotation behind it. I hope the terrible things that have come out of your mouth don’t reflect the job you’ll do as president, and I wish nothing but good things on your presidency.


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