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Gerald Ngum, Music Analyst

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What happens when jazz meets soul, sprinkled with a little blues? Well the answer to that is Andra Day happens.

A vibrant energy new to the mainstream scene, but don’t be fooled, this is not just your one-hit wonder pop-sensation getting her 15 minutes. Day has been honing and hoping for this period in her life for 14 years, so it’s pretty safe to say that she plans on keeping our attention for some time.

On the release day of her debut album Day shared heartfelt words in a picture of a hand written letter via her social media accounts (@andradaymusic). The letter stated the following  “God is good and I am grateful for the fourteen year journey He’s had me on leading up to this moment

She released her debut album “Cheers to the Fall” August 28. Thanks to her involvement in a  Serena Williams beats by Dre Commercial which is currently a few 100 thousand views shy of 16 million Day has acquired a following that will certainly keep the bills payed.

The album is quite the melting pot of musical influence. Day has a nostalgia in her voice that is rather reminiscent of the late Amy Winehouse. It’s clear to tell the musical greats, both here and departed, are a very prominent influence in her aesthetic. And the fact that she bears an uncanny resemblance to the late Eartha Kitt adds to her allure even more.

Each song on the album has great presence alongside a very unique ambiance. You can almost hear the effort put into each idea. Subtle but impactful sonances throughout the album really add an expert’s touch to the crystal crisp production, intertwined with the chill inducing voice and vibrato of  Day which is graced with endearing lyricism and the most poignant of raw emotion. Day and her team have birthed a work of art that will surely stand the test of time, which thus makes her a force to be reckoned with.

From “Mistakes” to “Goodbye Goodnight” to “Rise Up,” it’s evident how musically diverse she is, and this is clearly the mark of someone who has studied the craft religiously with all her heart and soul. And yes, incase you were wondering,  she does write her own lyrics. In a recent behind the scenes video posted by beats by Dre titled “Beat x Beat Andra Day Rise Up”  Day expressed the following: “before I do any and every song I pray about every song because my goal is not just to make music that makes people dance which is fine, but my goal is really to make music that moves people and resonates with them spiritually.”

As far as subject matter goes Day dives into matters consistent with the human condition like relationships, love, heartbreak, hope and overcoming.

For those who have a thing for story-telling, Day really embraces a story telling formula in songs like “Only Love” and “Not Today” which include insightful and poignant phrases like “only love can break your heart,” but then will go onto say  “only love can save the day.” Such phrases following after one another speak volumes and are insightful because they portray that there is a sort of “yin and yang” to the human idea of love and all its infinite connotations.

Overall, fans will enjoy the album, but  for those who aren’t quite fans yet but are fans of good music and therefore are open to  giving the album a listen, you are soon to be enticed by a vocal range and harmony that demand to be heard, alongside a beautiful aura in her voice that gives one an incredible feeling which insinuates she’s actually singing about something real instead of singing for the sake of singing.

If you’re one of those people who need to hear an album before you spend your hard earned money on it feel free to stream the entire album via Spotify, for free.

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