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‘Deadpool’: not your friendly neighborhood superhero

Moriah Haynes

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The new “Deadpool” movie was released in theaters last Friday, and quickly stormed its way up the rankings.

While its ratings were high, there seems to have been some confusion with the R-rated content that has left people in an uproar. Christians have come out to denounce anyone who watches “Deadpool”, and many angry parents were duped by kids who told them this was just another marvel movie.

The movie made it into the top ten superhero movie openings of all time, ranked no.1 in R-rated movies, and easily pulled in $135 million in the opening weekend. Yet, despite the listed warnings of nudity and language, many people brought their young children to see the show.

However, If there was any true fans of “Deadpool” in the audience that night, they would have been handing out blindfolds to the unprepared parents. As the character Deadpool says in the movie, he is “no hero.”

Surprisingly, many parents still have no regrets. They come up with many arguments, such as: they wanted to be the ‘cool parent’, their children would look away if it was really bad, and even that their kids liked the crude humor. This movie goes far beyond crude humor.

The movie contained multiple scenes of full-frontal nudity and the F-bomb was dropped almost 100 times. “Deadpool” also contains many crass innuendos and fully shown sex scenes. There is a lengthy strip club scene that clearly shows naked dancers. Finally, the movie is full of gory, crude violence.

Another problem was that the media aired cleaned-up trailers that were shown in place of R-rated ones. These trailers weren’t just edited, they were made separately from the movie with vulgar dialog replaced with new clean versions that aren’t in the movie. The clean version cut out several instances of the F-bomb, cut out a scene of strip club dancers, and completely changed one characters reaction to seeing Deadpool’s face.

While people unfamiliar with the character of Deadpool didn’t know what to expect from this vulgar superhero movie, fans were not disappointed. Critics say this was Ryan Reynolds return to the A-list of actors, and that he perfectly portrayed the anti-hero protagonist. The movie also contained several scenes that were almost dead-on to the comics–a treat for fans as-well.

The Internet has taken to posting cautions to parents of eager under-aged superhero fans. This movie is a box-office, fan favorite, and perfect example of why warnings should be heeded.

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‘Deadpool’: not your friendly neighborhood superhero