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Soccer team not in the cards for TVCC

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Four athletes playing soccer

Kazandra Gutierrez, Staff Writer

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Soccer is one of the world’s most popular sports, as well as one of the fastest growing sports for women. The sport has garnered the interest of many mainstream sport fans and media.

Collegiately, women have been playing soccer since 1930. A United States national squad was established in 1985, but the first national women’s league did not start until 1995; however, 2001 was the first year that the professional women’s league made its debut.

The U.S. is one of the top successes in women’s soccer, both in participation and international competition.

Since women’s soccer is so popular, why is it that Trinity Valley Community College doesn’t offer this sport as part of their athletic program?

Within the last three years, TVCC has added softball and women’s volleyball to its athletic program. Since soccer is a popular sport for women, what is the chance of the college adding soccer in the future?

In order for TVCC to add soccer to their athletic program, a number of factors must be taken into consideration. These include finding money to pay a coach, purchasing uniforms, paying for officials and providing scholarships for the players, along with other unseen costs that could develop within time. Adding a new sport could cost a college about $200,000, and that is just a rough estimate.

TVCC President Dr. Glendon Forgey said that the college is not considering adding any new sports programs at this time. “Currently only Tyler Junior College and Lon Morris have women’s soccer programs; therefore, the travel cost to colleges that have soccer programs would be very high,” he said “Another factor that will make soccer difficult to implement, besides lack of locker room facilities and financial constraints, is the lack of teams to play in our region.”

If TVCC ever consider adding soccer, they could save a little money by staying in town to recruit players. In fact, the home-grown talent can be an option. Why go far away to look for players when they are right around the corner?

Athens High School, which is located about five minutes from TVCC, currently has a women’s soccer team, as well as a men’s soccer team as part of their athletic program. The women’s team started in 2002 and has made it to the first round of the playoffs several times.

If TVCC had a team, there are a few students who would not mind dusting off their vuvuzela‘s for a game.

“I think soccer would be a great addition to the athletic program,” said Eduardo Limon, a junior at Athens High School and a Pinnacle student at TVCC. “It will bring more students in who want to play the sport without them having to go far away to colleges that offer it.”

Samantha Casanova, also a Pinnacle student from Athens, is a member of her high school’s soccer team. “I think we should have a soccer team at TVCC, and if we did I would go to the games,” she said.

Even though Trinity Valley doesn’t offer soccer as part of its athletic program, that doesn’t mean it’s completely out of the picture for future TVCC students. An option could be gathering up a group of friends and have a scrimmage down by the pit at TVCC.  True soccer athletes will strive to keep soccer in their lives.

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Soccer team not in the cards for TVCC