Breaking News: Eric Williams receives the death penalty

eric williams

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
December 17, 2014

The jury returned the death sentence to convicted murderer Eric Williams after just 20 minutes of deliberation Wednesday morning in Rockwall County. Williams was convicted of the capital murder of Cynthia McClelland on December 4th. He also killed former Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McClelland... Read more »

Understanding Pneumonia

12-01 Pneumonia

Theophila Deamesi, Staff Writer
December 16, 2014

Understanding Pneumonia Pneumonia is a respiratory or breathing condition in which there’s an infection of one or both of the lungs. Lobar Pneumonia affects one or more sections of the lungs and Bronchial Pneumonia also known as bronchopneumonia patches throughout both lungs. Germs such as bacteria,... Read more »

Making bad decisions should not result in bullying

Bullying picture

Abbi Parker, Photo Editor
December 10, 2014

It began as a typical story of boy meets girl. The alcohol had easily given the two kids unabridged courage, making the conversation flow smoothly. The girl was automatically enthralled by the boy’s natural charm. After an abundant amount of alcohol and a short-lived conversation, one thing... Read more »

Eric Williams: Inside the mind of a serial killer

eric williams 2

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
December 10, 2014

How can we really delve into the mind of a sadistic killer? How do we deal with a person who doesn’t feel any emotion, who doesn’t show compassion for others and freely kills people to seek revenge? That is the story of serial killer Eric Williams. Eric Williams was a Justice of the Peace... Read more »

Breaking News: Eric Williams found guilty of capital murder

eric williams

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
December 4, 2014

Former Kaufman lawyer and Justice of the Peace Eric Williams was convicted of the capital murder of Cynthia McClelland on Thursday morning in Rockwall. Both the prosecutors and defense made their closing arguments, then allowed the jury to deliberate. It took just an hour and a half for the jury to come... Read more »

Kaufman DA murder trial enters third day

kaufman da murders

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
December 3, 2014

Eric Williams, the former Kaufman Justice of the Peace, will once again be in the courtroom in Rockwall County as his murder trial gets underway. Williams is accused of gunning down Chief Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse across the street from the Kaufman County courthouse on January 31, 2013.... Read more »

Breaking News: Wilson not indicted, violence ensues


Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
November 25, 2014

Violent riots broke out after officer Darren Wilson was not indicted on any charges after fatally shooting unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th. The 12 jurors that sat on the grand jury looked over evidence and heard testimony from witnesses and Wilson for almost three months... Read more »

Staying safe on campus

wash Hands  proof

Theophila Deamesi
November 17, 2014

After four years of high school, the thought of going to college and actually living on campus is one of the bridges that cannot be reached soon enough. Though this experience is very exciting, it is very important to know how to protect yourself and stay safe with all the infections spreading around... Read more »

Moustaches return to raise cancer awareness

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
November 10, 2014

November marks the return of the widely popular “No Shave November” to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer as well as mental health issues in men. I have taken it upon myself to grow the full horseshoe moustache to try and spark interest in other guys and girls to follow... Read more »

Athens ISD evacuated due to bomb threat

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
November 5, 2014

Five schools in the Athens ISD area were evacuated this morning due to a bomb threat according to the Athens ISD website. Bel Air, South Athens, Athens Intermediate, Athens Middle and Athens High schools have been evacuated after a call came in to the Athens Police Department this morning. The person... Read more »

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