Domestic violence: Can we stop it?

A local business called the Family Peace Project works to assists any previous or current victims of domestic violence.

October 31, 2014

He said… As a man, we believe that we are stronger than everyone else and that we are macho and can do nothing wrong. But when it comes to relationships, there should never be a moment when you lay your hands on a woman. With recent cases involving Baltimore Ravens’ Ray Rice and the Los Angeles... Read more »

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Bodey Cooper, Editor-In-Chief
September 24, 2014

Millions of people all over social media such as Facebook and Twitter have taken the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). People take a bucket of water and fill it with ice and then they either have someone dump it over their head or do it themselves while... Read more »

Heart of a Champion

Bodey Cooper, Sports Writer
April 7, 2014

We can all agree that professional athletes are in top, physical shape and have more drive and passion for the sport they play than any of us could ever have as fans. But does it come at a cost to their health? It feels like just days ago, yet it has been almost a month since Dallas Stars‘ forward... Read more »

E-Cigarette Craze: New face to an old problem

E-cigarette smokers Windi Garrison and Janie Lingle lighting up outside the cafeteria. TVCC's tobacco policy leaves a loop-hole for e-cigarette smokers.

Chalisa Madsen, Editor-In-Chief
February 10, 2014

It’s been 6 years since the decision to make Trinity Valley a tobacco-free campus. And it’s been much easier on the lungs since then. But something strange has happened recently. People are lighting back up in restaurants, hallways, stores, and even here in class. No, not regular cigarettes.... Read more »

Christmas… Too politically correct?

Are we too hung up on being politically correct?

Chalisa Madsen, Editor-In-Chief
December 16, 2013

As history progresses, it seems religious conflict ensues. With religion comes different traditions and customs for each belief. Every year in America many different holidays are celebrated while bringing in the new year- Christmas happens to be the dominate one you’ll find American’s celebrating.... Read more »

Men, check out those Ta-Ta’s

Early detection is key for beating any type of cancer, including breast cancer.

Chalisa Madsen, Editor-In-Chief
October 31, 2013

No, not hers, big guy. Your own! It’s no secret that Breast Cancer is a huge problem nowadays, almost reaching epidemic numbers. In fact, the American Cancer Society says that just in the time it takes you to look through this article, 49 people will be newly diagnosed with cancer. And not all... Read more »

Students get a lesson in safety

Heath Cariker, director of public safety and chief of police, explains what students should do if there is a shooter on campus.

February 18, 2013

Gun rights seem to be the current hot button on everyone’s mind, especially with school shootings happening more often than before. Since Columbine, several school districts have put a plan in place for students, teachers and administrators in the event a shooting should occur. But high schools are... Read more »

Stories from the past

Editorial pic color

November 26, 2012

When you ask people what is a popular book series for young adults, it seems like the first answer you get is “Twilight,” and that’s just fine. But what about some of the book series we can remember reading as a young adults. Those books that didn’t have T-shirts or a movies attached... Read more »

Don’t hide behind the computer screen

editorial color

News-Journal Staff
November 2, 2012

As technology advances every year, people find ways to use the new technology for their dirty work to prey on others. Cyberbulling has been a much-discussed topic recently. October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and every year more families, friends, parents and siblings stand up to put a stop... Read more »

Does your voice really count in a presidential election?

Election editorial

September 21, 2012

America was founded on a democracy set in place by our forefathers, and every citizen has the right to vote as long as they are a registered voter. Every four years, Americans select a new person to lead this  country, but do we (the people) really pick the President of the United States? According... Read more »

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